Who we are

We are a female brand, which produces handmade knitting pieces.



We want to rescue the cultural identity of manual knitting, starting on the valorization of the feminine essence.


  1. Love what we do: we prioritize people who are committed with the knitting art. People that like to make real art work from yarns and search for continuous improvement of new tendencies.
  2. Disposition: we prioritize people who are interested in manual knitting art; who gives their best, not just the enough.
  3. Respect: we value each person potencial as way to develop talents and empowered people.
  4. Inovation: we are always chasing new ways to offer a timeless knitting. Our impetus is to guarantee that our products transcend seasons and gererations.
  5. Reciprocal gains:our premise is to guarantee reciprocal gains for all customers and partners. Our purpose isn't win to win, but to fortify and provide benefits for all people that interacts with our brand.


To be recognized by 2020 as the brand that rescued the culture of manual knitting like a new concept of fashion tendency.

Since I was a child, I love knitting. The desire to undertake, my taste for needles and my great-aunt teachings encouraged me to leave my profession to dedicate myself to what fascinates me: make real art work from yarns.

The knit goes beyond the image of the grandma on her rocking cheir with a pair of needles in her hands that people have in mind. For me, the knit is to harmonize yarns, create textures and models. The fabric made from the ties and loops compound a unic product, which can't be reproduced.

My work is my priotity, and create is a vital need. 

I love all the steps of the creation, and this process delights me. I feel realized while searching tendencies, textures and new material . And when the product is done? We enjoy to see the satisfaction on each customer that believed in our work. I just can say thank.

Carla Almeida - Letricotë Founder.